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 Come and celebrate Christmas at Kimball Christian Church and invite others to join you! Is it possible that the greatest gift you will give someone this Christmas is the gift of an invitation to one of our Christmas services? Imagine what God could do in their heart if they were to hear about His love for them.  We will have three identical Christmas Services.  Saturday 12/24 at 10am and 5pm, and Sunday 12/25 at 9am.  Would you also consider giving our guests this Christmas the gift of open seats in the back that can be easily seen?  Us sitting closer to the stage is a small change for us.  Taking the risk of going to church for the first time (or first time in years) is a big change for our guests.  Let’s do all we can to help it be a good experience for them.  We are looking forward to spending this part of Christmas together with our church family!